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The Storm Crow Dojo is a martial arts school that specializes in linking ancient combat principals to modern tacticts and strategy. We provide a well rounded education in kicking, striking, trapping, grappling and ground fighting while learning to use both physical and internal methods.

Aiki-Jujutsu, Jujutsu, originated from the ancient sword arts and we connect those sword principals to the modern strategy and tactics used today. Military Combatives ties these arts together to offer us options that meet various levels of severity in a given situation. We prepare for any level of use of force weather working out with friends, getting an aggressor to submit, defending yourself or engaged in a life and death combat.   

Children's Jujutsu (Ages 5-9) and Youth Jujutsu (Ages 10-17) offer a safe self-defense program and focuses on discipline, ethics, teamwork, health and most of all, fun.  

Samurai Arts

Bujutsu / Aiki-jujutsu must be practiced with Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu and Tantojutsu or sword and knife arts because to really understand these sophisticated internal principals. We must delve into where they originated from. For the Samurai, reality was defined by edged weapons. These educated warriors really connected the laws of nature with lessons form science, physics, biology and mathematics to the sword arts. They used this knowledge of the sword and applied it to jujutsu as to shape around others hostile movements and overcome with little physical effort. These arts really greatly enhance combat training and bring us far beyond the capabilities of other strength based systems.

Our Jujutsu is a modern blend of Samurai, modern military, sport Jujutsu, Muay Tai (kickboxing) and Sambo (Russian combat grappling). This is the physical system of techniques and applications that accompany the internal arts of Bujutsu / Aikijujutsu. Kicking, striking, joint locks, throws, choking and ground fighting at all part of this system.

Military Close Quarters Combat

Our Military CQC study begins with WWII Trench war fare system and proceeds to Combat Jujutsu using the USMC hand to hand combat as a foundation. Tactical Solutions is our highest level in CQC and provides very swift and effective movements under high duress. Our CQC ties all of our arts together and provides us with a practical self-defense education. Elements of Progressive Jeet Kune Do (Official SEAL system) & Systema (Russian Spetznaz internal fighting system) are used to augment the curriculum.